Saturday, April 18, 2009

Simple pleasures!

100_5305Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with the goodness of God that I simply cannot remain silent! This is one of those times! It's true I dislike cold weather....alot! It shuts down everything in me...except of course sewing.

With the arrival of warmer weather I can finally get outside and do some of the things I've been reading up on. I can hardly contain my excitement enough to get anything done.

I flutter from the chickens to the garden to the pond to the woods and back to the chickens through the flowers and on and on I go! 

It's quite ineffecient and some folks see it, but I am so thankfully aware of the rarity of the blessings I enjoy that I count it as tme well spent.

Maybe this is what growing older is supposed to be stop and smell the flowers and cuddle a silly chicken...maybe pick a few fresh berries and eat them fresh with milk and sugar on them! I don't know  how it's supposed to be but I do know that these simple pleasures bless my life daily and make my life richer.

The only thing better than enjoying these simple pleasures sharing them with a sweet grand-girl who enjoys them every bit as much as I do!



bekah said...

two peas in a pod : )