Thursday, April 16, 2009

Candid moments!!!

Should'a called this SCARY moments!!!!
Hey- I was keeping the little ones happy-as well as looking cool!!!!

All of us girls have important jobs!!!Abby helps with Wendy AND the other work too!!!Really! Sara is the social coordinator!
And Bekah- well she's the
GET-IT-DONE girl!!!! GRRRRR! "I can't find a knife to open this with so I 'll rip it with my teeth!!"
We do have fun right along with all the work.
I wonder what the guys are doing???


cinnamongirl said...

Well I think you look cool and you have the best job and most important.

The house is going to look great when done can not wait to see after it is done. You are all hardworkers and it looks like you are all enjoying it.

Glad they will be close. By the way Happy Anniversary to the couple.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Autumn, You're looking pretty cool there with your lavender shades! You and the girls always look so's uplifting to visit you. :0)


Sheryl-lyn said...

Love the shades, Autumn!! Your family sure is a happy one. Great to see that.

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

lookin great autumn!!!

ooooooohhhhh I wanna smooch the babe

Dawn Dutton said...

I love your photos and blog! Your brocolli looks fabulous. What state do you live in to have fresh produce already? I live in west central Wisconsin. No fresh produce for us yet!

Take care. Will say a prayer for your Son and his trials he is facing. Blessings, dawn

Autumn said...

Thanks Dawn! Glad you stopped by.
We are in the deep south- Louisiana, near the coast.

We really have been blessed early this year with some really good brocoli

Dawn Dutton said...

Well that makes sense then. We are just tilling the earth and planting cold weather seeds. I have some seeds growing in the house as well. Are your eggs home grown as well? Have a great evening dawn

Autumn said...

Yes- I have 6 hens. I just love having them!
We did a lot of simple living back when my kids were young, but due to illness we drifted to faster methods.
I am so thankful we have been given a second chance to do the things we feel are good and wholesome.

Dawn Dutton said...

Hi, I just received my pullets last week. I had them a few years ago and gave them up due to a neck injury I was suffering with. Time for me to have them again. I love having them. Gives me joy for which I am thankful. To find joy in a chicken sounds silly but that's how it is with me. I like the simple things I guess. I just fed them and they come running when they hear me. Only after a fewvdays. Amazing creatures God has given us!
Well have a wonderful day. Blessings and joy, Dawn

Dawn Dutton said...

What breed of Chickens do you have?
Raining and cold here today.... I am so ready to be outside and gardening after our long, cold, snowy, icy winter... Wish it would hurry!

Autumn said...

I have Black orpingtons, feather footed brahama and one little banty hen.
I lost a barred rock a month or so ago.

We'll soon have tomatoes,peas and cabbage.

Dawn Dutton said...

I am jealous of your produce... enjoy!
I have red sexlinks and barred rock hens (chicks). If we lived closer I could give you some... Sorry about your chicken loss. I get really attached to my animals. Crazy I know but that's the way I'm made... My friends and family have many names for me.... crazy is one of them. Oh well..... such is life.
Have a super day, Dawn