Friday, April 10, 2009


This week we started repairs/remodeling on the guest house.
Initially, my husband built the house for his dad to come spend weekends and his declining years here in the country.Jack never spent much time here once the project was completed-he loved working on it- but just didn't want to live there. :(

Each of our adult children have rented the house at one time or another-until hurricane Rita.
We had just added 2 bedrooms a couple of years before transforming it from a camp to a real house. Lots of work and lots of money!!!When Rita did major damage it was so overwhelming that we did little else but protect it from further damage and forget it. It was just too costly.
Since then we have slowly cleared the path,and made structrual repairs.

As of last Monday we have jumped in with both feet to make it livable again.

Bekah gladly cuddled Wendy so Sara could get things done.
The guys got some huge trees and all the bridge pieces out of the brush and exposed the yard again!!!
And the boss gave all of us directions and kept us moving!

Me? I'm in charge of pictures. :)

After only a couple days work with both son in laws,Luke and the girls it has shaped up alot!!! The inside is gutted and ready for new materials to start going in next week.
It's already been lots of fun having the kids out to eat and work every evening.
We'll use anything for an excuse to make it a party!!!!


pumpkin seed said...

who's the fat girl holding the cute baby?? How did she make it into the pictures?? LOL LOL LOL!

Kimberly said...

So what are the plans for the little house?

Lacey said...

Oh my. I will be so happy to see the little house up and caring for people again. Bekah shared a book called "the little house" with me when we first had Lexi, and I have never thought of our "the little house" without a personality since then. It holds so many happy memories for our little family, and every time we go home I have to walk back and just look inside to see if I can still hear the giggles left beind. I cant wait to see her happy again!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

It's looking so good...what a doll house this will be! I can already vision the flowers, trellis..a white picket fence?? Yes, I could get carried away with this project..hahahaha

Have a blessed Easter

Bonne said...

This is so exciting! Plus a wonderful reason to keep your baby girl closeby ;) hugs, B

Bubba said...

I think I had just said that I was getting too old to do this again...

Autumn said...

We both said we were too old to do this again! That's why you'll see lots of pictures of our "young men" doing the physically challenging work!!!!
Us old "pros" will be using machines, "grey matter", and dollar bills!!!! :)

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

oh my what a great job you all are doing!! how awesome! I love the lively comments between family also! Great job guys and girls!!