Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girl things........

After a nasty bout with a sinus infection I'm trying to get back to my regular routine-and I'm not moving very fast at it!  :) But this is my best effort!!!100_5075

I lost about 10 days or so and lots has happened since then.

Abby had a fun shopping trip recently at the mall- the only thing is she would NOT spend her ten dollars!!!! It was hilarious!!!!

I questioned her relationship to ME when she left with the entire amount of money she had come with!!!!!


 This little sweet pea is growing so fast!!! I think this picture is 2 weeks old(see I told you I was sick!!!)She smiles and is starting to coo~ such a blessing to all of us!!!wendy-25-wks

The garden is growing-the chickens are laying and the flowers are bursting with color!!! We have some new things going on here and I can hardly wait to share them with you!!! But alas~ first things first!100_5196

I have to upload and work on pictures so I'll share more fun in the days to come!!!

By the way-Thank you so much to those of you who checked up on me while I was sick- I think I'll be good as new in just a few days!