Monday, March 23, 2009

SpRiNg ShOwErs!!!!!

No~ it's not raining~

This spring has been busy with the births of several babies already! On Thursday we celebrated the birth of Lillian Joy, Heather's 6th ! What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!! And we DID ,too!

Lots of goodies~ Black forest Cake(a la Rebekah), cookies,dip,brownies and dip.
She also made a yummy Iced Tea Punch! MMMM! (I only had a sip-I'm still dieting so I took everyone's word for it that the food was yummy)
The fun I experienced Firsthand!!!!
Fun SprInGy decor too!! Isn't this cute???Bekah brightened the place with lots of great color and creativity! Go check out Heather's blog to see the adorable dress made with some vintage linens!! it's the little yellow dress.


KKJD1 said...

Great fun! I just love babies. The food looks delish and the springy decor looks beautiful too! Hope the end of your week is great! Blessings, Karen

Ruth said...

Everything looks so cute and springy. Lots of fun. Such a precious little one.
How is your new grandbaby?