Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farm casualty......

Sadly, one of my hens died-ON THE NEST, a couple of days ago.

She had been fine as far as I could tell. When I open the henhouse door early on Tuesday she didn't move. I went to investigate and she was dead.
Luke and I inspected her for any injury or bites but she was perfectly intact. Nothing else to do but dispose of her properly-(that's what Luke is doing.)
The rest of the flock seems fine and no signs of any illness are present.
I really hate losing an animal but I promised myself that I would take responsibility for the care(and now disposal) of the animals no matter how distasteful it may become.
Looks like I got the chance to actually do that.
LIZA was my barred Rock hen-very pretty! I sure will miss her speckled happy self prancing around the yard.


Jami said...

Autumn, so sorry about the hen. But sounds like she died like we all would like to our sleep? Hope it's a consolation having her buried on your place. That always comforts me for some reason.

KKJD1 said...

Death is never fun even if it is a animal. Its funny how each one has its own little thing it does different from the rest. At least you have your memories of her prancing around the yard! Hope you have a good day! Blessings,Karen