Saturday, March 14, 2009


Some people pay attention to all the details...the smallest detail is pre-planned and executed.
In the north part of town, where my good friend Liz lives, many folks have lived there for generations.
You remember Liz's place- the beautiful cottage adorned with flowers .
Each flower bed is planned and planted with the greatest of care~
She is a detail person.
Across the street is a beautiful Victorian home. It even has a historical marker in the front lawn!(Look just to the right of the stairs)
We have enjoyed that old home for years! Isn't it lovely????
Several years ago some folks bought the place and have made a few decisions about landscaping that....well...... escape all reason!!! Just a tiny detail I suppose.................

......yep- it's a fiberglass boat. My guess is that they will have blue flowers blooming to look like waves and who knows what else???? Maybe a fiber optic palm!!!



cinnamongirl said...

Lovely yards and love that Victorian house but I was not big on the boat. I have seen that before. What a great way to get ideas for sprucing up your yard. Show us more sometime.

Autumn said...

Are you kidding me??????? Somebody else actuqlly did the funky boat-fiberglass even- in the yard!!!!

Hideous ,isn't it???

cinnamongirl said...

Yup with flowers in it, I laughed.
I think wagon wheels look great
I liked the first photo it looks like an English garden.

Carol............. said...

HHHmmmmmm, VERY interesting boat planter.....something I might do..and then maybe not..... LOL!

Bonne said...

ROFL!!!! What ??? No toilet planter???

Autumn said...

Yeah- my thoughts exactly!!!!!LOL!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Liz's yard is fab! So cozy and homey..the victorian is fab too but needs Liz's gardens with it...the boat yard's fugly!!!!! And I bet you know what that translates too...LOL Each to their own for sure!


Ruth said...

I love your friend's house. The flowers are so beautiful. The victorian house is great but I don't like the boat idea either. I did see it once before with a big anchor and a small wooden lighthouse in someone else's yard. Not sure what they're thinking.