Friday, February 13, 2009

I made a MOO MOO!!!!

Last weekend I was busily sewing a farmgirl dress for baby Wendy-our soon-to-be-born grandgirl, when Abby came for a visit.
My husband has a tradition of giving all the grandgirls rubber boots when they are born-he even wrote a poem to go with them-I forgot to copy it but it ended like this-
"...remember your roots
and when you come to Pawpaws house
always bring your boots."

As I was showing the dress to her mom and mine,Abby protested,quite upset, that the dress was NOT pretty and it was not for Baby Wendy!

Clearly a jealousy issue- so as any good granny would do , I asked her if she would like me to make her a dress. She turned her head sharply and a smile leapt onto her face,"For me? A dress for me? Can you do it now?"
We went right up to the sewing room and Abby started choosing fabric-and tossing all of it on the floor!!! I discreetly led her to the piece I had in mind and what do ya know-she chose it!!!
Ya don't get to be 51 without learning a few things!!
She helped pin and sew on the machine and in an hour she had her very own farmgirl dress!
I toold her it was a MOO MOO cause it had cows all over it!:0


Penny Kendall Photography said...

Love it ... I'm jealous of your grandgirl time. I get to have Addy and Austyn next weekend ... all to myself ... so we'll have to do SOMETHING fun. Got to figure out how to stuff it all in. =0)

Katy said...

That is just tooo sweet! :) I love it and the baby's dress...and I love that kids have to wear boots when going to paw paws house! ;)

Autumn said...

I do enjoy our little snippets of time. It is so hard to try and cram-the older I get the harder it is to do alot for a long time-so Abby and I grab and hour here and there to have our fun.

She NEVER plays when she's out here-she wants to hang clothes,clean up the chicken house,water flowers-all the mundane everyday chores.

Enjoy your little ones on the weekend!!!!

Beemoosie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS~the dresses and your Grandbaby!!! Just found your blog from MJ's site and enjoy it very much1 Have a great day!

Autumn said...

Hey Bonnie-
Long time- no see!!!
So glad ya stopped by! Last we talked you were starting a new job-that's been like a year ago,right?

Bonne said...

OH, MY!! That dress really turned out adorable! Make some more~they can always be hand-me-downs for Wendy too. ;)

KKJD1 said...

Abby's little dress is so sweet and the new babys dress and boots are grand and such a sweet grandad to write a poem to go with their boots! Blessings, Karen

electricdunce said...

What a lovely family tradition, everybody needs a pair of boots! The dresses are so sweet, and Abby looks so happy.