Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OVER the hill........coasting along,now.....

MMMMM! Don't these look good? They were fantastic! My girls treated me to fresh fruit,dipped in chocolate for our Saturday Night party/my birthday! 100_4606100_4608

And Luke made me an angel food cake!!! How many teenagers do you know that can do that???? We gobbled up this low calorie yummy cake in no time flat!!!! 100_4602Sweet gifts from Abby-and a phone call from Justin-lunch by Mom


And flowers from Gabe & Kim-

100_4609Thanks for a great day kiddos!!!


Linda Weldon said...

My friend, if you are over the hill, I must be entering the next valley!!! Sure don't feel like a mountaintop!!! At least you didn't have to have firemen at your little gatheting. I did, a friend sent them ! I do love you