Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday art exhibit~

I've recently learned a bit about an amazing lady named Tasha Tudor.
(You can learn more here-

Sure-I know- you have all known about her for a long time!!! I admit to being a bit out of "the know"- but in my case it's better late than never!!!!
This summer a good friend introduced me to watercolor painting and I just love it!!! What does that have to do with Tasha???????
Unlike me, she was born to a heritage of art and a "leg up" so to speak, in the world of drawing,painting and sculpting. But looking at her art was inspiring!
In addition to her art she was called a "master of rusticity" living as much as possible, true to old ways.
I love that title-"Master of Rusticity"-
I think I'll start on my degree in Rusticity!!!!!I already have a few credits ,I think!
Her original art was a great treat-learning a bit about her has been an adventure and such an encouragement to me, to put to use some of the old ways-if only to say,"I've done that before".
Now if only I could get that gardening part down!!!! Maybe by the time I am 80 I'll get some of it done!


Deborah said...

She was one of my favorite ladies to read about and see her work. I wish I could have her gardens.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Master of Rusticity is a fine degree to get! How are those feathered ladies doing? And gardening is a lifelong education so you don't have to worry about mastering it...because you'll have no choice if you stick with it. :0)

Have a grand week,

Ruth said...

I have loved Tasha Tudor since I saw a show on PBS about how she lived.

smoothiejuice said...

my favorite artist my whole life i have dozens of her books...her pbs show is grand....i always wanted to be one of the girls she had over for tea and outfitted in some lacy turn of the century get up.