Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old and...well.... older......

Daniel's baby quilt
The little red and white pinwheel quilt is a baby quilt I did 15 years ago for my good friend Marilyn. She had it out during the house tour this year and it blessed me so much to see it.
It just reminded me how long we have been trading our wares to one another for birthdays,babies and just no reason at all! It is so inspiring to create something for a friend-it is so fulfilling to see them enjoy,appreciate and yes...even sometimes laugh at it with you!

Marilyn is a real artist- with an eye for detail and beauty.She does lots of things which qualifies as mixed media?? I'll have to go snap a pic of some of the things she's done for me.
Right now ,she's in Houston fighting a battle with an unknown illness. It has threatened her life at least twice and I believe maybe 3 times. Please pray for her- healing and discovery of the culprit in all this.
On our last visit she mentioned using vintage wallpaper for some of her work and the next week I found a roll-so Maire if your reading this ~ya better get well fast- you know I'll only hold onto this for you for so long! :)


Bonne said...

Prayers for Marilyn.

Autumn...hats....Southern word: cotton. I made a beret after beret last summer from cotton'em. This pattern:
hugs, B

Beverly said...

Love the quilt, it is an heirloom. Prayers for Marilyn here, too. Hope all is well with you today.


monica said...

Autumn, I will keep Marilyn in my prayers!