Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It wasn't me!!!

I wanted to feature some cool projects that I didn't do!
I thought both of these needed to be featured-.

First , a gift from my daughter in law,Lacey. She does some very cool scrapbooking things and always treats me to a little bit on holidays. This year she made the neatest little recipe clipboard. It has dowels inserted at the base of the back so it stands up.

VERY handy idea and adorable as well! Next- this is a quilt my mom is finishing. I thought it was so whimsical and happy! She did such a good job on it. I just love for her to share quilting with me. Several years ago she swore she'd NEVER do a quilt with applique and hand quilting- well - she was wrong.

This has both!

So to my stitching family- ATTA girl!!!!


Thistledew Farm said...

What a great idea - to share projects of others! Love it....and both the projects.