Saturday, December 20, 2008

New traditions are not all that bad....

Since our children have grown up, our traditions have changed.

Well, honestly, our Christmas traditions have always changed from year to year- we just never did find a middle ground that fit all of us.

My family had very regular traditional events, for as long as I can remember and Bub's had none or very little - so forming our own as a family didn't come easy.
Our in-law kids have a hard time understanding it- but somehow our tradition has become that we "traditionally change things from year to year"- does that make sense?
It's really a lot of fun- except when it's misunderstood. :(

I realized, 10 or more years ago, that my children would be pulled in different directions as soon as they were joined to another family,by marriage. Rather than make them miserable by "demanding my time" I have tried ,really hard, to accept whatever time they choose to be with us-and I have not been disappointed.

Actually,they worry about the whole ordeal much more than I do .

Of course I miss them and would love to have them for every special event,but  I know that those days are gone now.
They have families of their own and they are busy. I'm thankful for the time we do get to spend together.

In our "traditional way of new tradtions", we had an adult party(Abby thinks she's an adult,shhhh! don't tell her otherwise)  :) at Mom's today and what fun we had!
  Everyone but Mom, stuck to the rule of NO GIFTS-she made up gift baskets of food goodies for each of us!!! (I'm kinda glad she broke the rule)

We had live entertainment-Abby sang a solo of a song she has been practicing and it was a hoot!!!!
Then the guys had a acorn spitting contest! Nope- I never heard of it either!
I think Bub won.
Finally we munched on adult food- ham,olives,pickles,chips,dip, fruit salad, crackers and cheese and cookies and coffee.
No big meal but  lots of plain old fun,visiting and being silly together! Even Paw Paw Ray was laughing out loud!!

It was a good day!!!!



Penny said...

Yes, I'm learning to be okay with changing traditions myself. Sometimes it comes with a little resistence but in the end, it only matters that we have our "new" traditions with people we love.

We'll be there next week ... any chance we can have one of our traditional visits when we are there?

auntbum said...

I'd love to be able to steal a few minutes away for a visit!!! Call me when ya have time and we will do it!!!!