Monday, December 1, 2008

Great opportunity to help babies!!!

As an avid crafter I have lots of un-done projects. You know things you try that don't work out! I am a master at beginning! Crochet has been one of those for me.

I have settled on the premise that I can crochet a hat but NEVER a PAIR of anything!!!! I have wanted to do booties for 30 years and my mind just can't get through the pattern directions.

I finally gave that idea up when I found a good use for all that yarn I've accumulated in my feeble attempts at booties!

Here's how you can help and learn or teach crochet or knitting yourself!!!


Katy said...

I am still a beginner knitter, but I signed up to try to help and try to make some hats! Thanks for sharing this!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Looka there!! They are too cute, Autumn..see, you aren't supposed to make booties..LOL Sometimes we just refuse to listen to that quiet voice that tells us what we are supposed to be making. :0) I think you found it....Ya know I started crocheting and knitting caps and booties for preemie babies 12 years's very fulfilling to know how it makes a difference for the child as well as the parent..just knowing that someone else cares means the world.


smoothiejuice said...

they are awesome..great job Autumn! Bootoes I willnever be able to do either!