Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little yarn goes a long way!!!!


I don't know how many of our readers crochet or knit but if your like me you've tried it at least.
My problem is motivation! Let's face it we just don't have much cold weather, so it's hard to get too involved in projects.
Recently a friend sent me this link and talk about motivation!!! I love it!!! A small project for a good cause- that spells MOTIVATION for me!!!!
The simple idea is to knit or crochet a newborn hat and send it,along with a letter to the President Elect, Mr.Obama, by Dec.31st- here's an excerpt from the program site-
"Every year, in developing countries around the world, nearly 4 million babies die from preventable and treatable diseases. Please tell the President-elect to do more to help these babies survive by increasing support for maternal, newborn and child health programs.

Your letters will be collected by Save the Children and delivered to the transition team for the President-elect.

100_4185Here are mine! I finished them!!! WOO!HOO! They must be mailed by Dec 31- for presentation at a later date. When the kids say-"I'm bored", give em a crochet hook and some yarn and tell em to get busy!!!

The patterns are on the link and it's a minimal investment of money- maybe a couple of dollars.