Saturday, December 27, 2008


It took a total of 15 minutes to totally clean off the little tree that my hubby spotted for me!

He's a phone tech and comes across lots of free or cheap goodies that people don't want. The lady that offered these to him can't eat grapfruit due to heart problems and medication interactions. She hated to see it waste but amazingly didn't know a single person that wanted them!!!
I can hardly imagine that!
My frugal friend,Liz, and my son and I happily unloaded the tree!!!
This picture is AFTER Liz took 3 huge bags inside her house!!!!
WOO!HOO! I love good food - especially the low calorie kind!!!
The juice is so tasty and smooth!
I'm going to make a clothes pin bag for the kind lady who owns the tree.
Keep your eyes open- it's citrus season!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

omg! Autumn..what a find. :0) So can you juice them and freeze it?? Just wondering how you will use them up..


Autumn said...

Oh yeah! I plan on juicing them next week when we get back to a more normal schedule. We froze a huge quanity of lemon juice this year too.

Beverly said...

How lucky are you!! If only we had citrus in PA...we could be completely self sufficient!...and grapefruit is my favorite!! Great find!

Autumn said...

This is the finest I have ever tasted!!! I have givn lots of them away- I just can't help myself! Seems like God blessed us so I want to pass it along!!!
Now if only we could grow A tomato!!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I don't love grapefruit, but I would eat yours!! Maybe I should try them again, huh? I know that they are so good for you.

Bonne said...

OMG!! What a find. My hubs was a phone tech for 10 yrs!! He came home with some interesting things too~lol
That's how I got into petsitting, through his meeting a petsitter who needed help. ;) B