Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sometimes, ya gotta make a mess........

before something kinda cool emerges. I really don't "spiritualize" things normally- but this time I did.I saw this project in a book and right away I fell in love with the look of it. I knew I could do it, even though  there were some techniques that I  am no good at involved. I was feeling very capable. :)

I tackled it .

I kept running into little obstacles- interruptions,wrong color thread, broken needles.... you know - "everything that could go wrong"  kinda thing. What a mess I made of things!!!!

I determined to finish it ,so I persevered through each obstacle- those I couldn't overcome, I compensated for with disguise behind other elements in the design. In other words- my machine skills stink and I camoflauged100_3983100_4002 the "uglies"  every way I could think  of!    


Today, when I finished, although the wall hanging wasn't perfect, it did look alright and brightened up that dark corner of the dining room. It didn't need to be perfect to do that-

I realized that we are that way .

Sometimes we make a big mess, with lots of mistakes but God covers the "uglies" up and still smiles when He puts us in that dark corner and it becomes brighter because  of us.

He KNOWS we aren't perfect- He just needs us to brighten up the darkness with His light!