Sunday, November 9, 2008


37-5749-everything_productprimaryimageI don't know if you've had a chance to see this documentary but if not please take the time to see it.

We watched it   and it was very , very enlightening.,5749,229.aspx

It is so simple and straight forward that it's almost funny! It really is a guy(Ben Stein) that asks some very simple questions and the answers and quotes are just unbelievable! 

If you don't think worldview is important then you MUST SEEE THIS!!!!!!


Shannon said...

Hey Autumn did yall buy this movie? I would like to borrow it and see it if you did. I think they have it at Hollywood video also.

auntbum said...

Hey Shannon- no we watched it on satellite.
Money's tight these days so we didn't buy it. Likely we will in the future- so we can loan it out.
Let us know what you think.