Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pennies from heaven????

100_40771Actually the pennies were from TEXAS- from my sweet Little Lexi!

When she moved away 5 years ago , I was so lost. She and I spent a lot of time together and it was a hard adjustment- for me.

 I would mail her a few coins and a stick of gum fairly often and remind her that I loved her. I know when kids are little they love you, but time and distance make relationships ...well...distant. They forget things and so do we. We don't know each other so well now, cause we see each other so seldom. It's no one's fault, just the nature of things as time marches on I guess.

On Tuesday I got this sweet note with coins taped to it and a picture of a stick of gum!!! It may as well have dropped out of heaven- for a minute I forgot that she was a big 6 1/2 yr old!!! She was still little 2 yr old giggly Lexi!!!!

I hope to have a suitcase filled with sweetness from my grandkids, over the years to come, to remind me that they love me and remember the fun we've had; however long ago it may have been!!!!