Thursday, November 20, 2008

The party is over!!!!!!

This intriguing group is the Wii Bell Choir!!!!
They're playing the bells- you've heard of bell choirs before right?
They're playing Wii Music and it was hilarious to watch them!
The game is to ring your bell at the proper time to make the music sound right & gain points I sure. The song was a really simple kid song but these guys were taking it seriously!!! They were soooo focused on "ringing their bell"!!!! WAA!HAA!HAA! HAA! I laughed myself silly at 'em!!!

I'm sure they can squeeze in a spot for YOU if ya need entertainment for you Christmas party!!!

Believe me- it is entertaining!!!!!!
We also played, Imagin iff. That was an eye opener too!!!! We definitely needed therapy after that one!!!
Anyway, Abby took it on herself to clean up all the games- truly she did!
She was putting all the pieces in the little bags and arranging them just so in the box and I just had to snap a shot of it. She was probably the most responsible party goer present!!!!



KKJD1 said...

Looks like alot of fun and little Abby just keeps getting cutier! Blessings, Karen