Thursday, November 13, 2008

My grand girls are growing up so fast!

I only have "snapshot moments" with each of them but I wanted to share who they are to me.

Lexi and I spent nearly 2 years together before the family moved to Texas. We had a wonderful time together- we did so many silly things! She has such a fun , giggly personality. She's grown up so much that I really have to remember that when I do see her- I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy .I still remember the things we giggled about and played make believe with. Mostly we were just silly- as you can see she is just a beaming ray of sweetness!

Jenna only lived here in Louisiana for about 6 weeks before she was transplanted to Texas. It took her a long time to get to know us. She is a little more watchful and guarded than Lexi. As you can see she is an adorable princess!!!!She has a sweet mischeiviousness to her~

And Andie- well she smiles at us and I think she likes us but we have had so little time to connect. She's a quiet baby girl and more of a Beatrix Potter kiddo (like her mom) than a Dr Seuss kid (like her dad).
I've always thought our household was a Dr Seuss type of house.
She is aspiring to be a ballerina like her aunties her in Louisiana!!! Notice the panties on top of the shorts!!!!!!!


Penny Kendall Photography said...

I feel your pain, fellow Granny.

Love those sweet smiles and sure do miss them!

Autumn said...

Hey girl- Glad you checked in!
The only consolation for me is that they are happy in Lubbock- that means a lot but still I miss the day to day things. It is over so quickly- they will be teenagers before I see them 10 more times! :(
There's a lot of life in-between then and now!

KKJD1 said...

What precious grandkids. They are all cuties and I know you wish you had more time with them. I know they can feel your love where they are though. Hope you have a great Friday! Blessings, Karen