Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey kids...ya'll can thank me now for........

making your life easier...down the road a bit. WHY-you ask? Well today I did something you won't have to do when I'm gone. Let me explain.100_4044

I have been running at top speed for months and months. I keep decluttering but somehow there seems to be more junk everywhere I look! There never seems to be time to STOP and really get the stuff out.

Well today, I had no big jobs calling my name and the "clutter bug" was chirping in my ear- so I listened!

First i tackled the boxes under my bed- kids cards,art and inventions- and a few photographs. Once sorted and trash tossed I ran downstairs and got side tracked by the barn door closet. I pulled everything out- ...yes, I know I was working upstairs......this is the only way I can do it.

Anyway - Once committed to BOTH projects I had to keep on going!

I recruited Luke to shred TWO BOXES of bank info from 1990 .... I have NO IDEA why I saved everything!

It was organized and sort of understandable but totally useless!!! I had to keep thinking, "What would the kids do with this if I died tomorrow and they had to decide?"- it puts things in perspective!!!


So kids, when the time least you wont have years of useless bank statements, cancelled checks and other useless files,boxes and papers to go through.

What is left , I organized and labeled.(Can you see me patting myself on the back?) And if you can believe it- I even tackled the attic!!! The forbidden attic!!!!

I still have some to take care of there but I took 3 huge boxes and discarded ,sorted and   stored  at least those 3 boxes.

SOOOOOOOOOO.KIDS- Ya can thank me now or thank me later!!!!!


lacey said...

Thank You :)

jason said...

Hey thanks mom!