Friday, October 31, 2008

WHY? Can someone tell me why????

Did you ever just find yourself doing something and not really know why in the world you were doing it???? Here I sit uploading a picture lemons I picked yesterday afternoon getting ready to post the picture on this blog......and I just have to ask myself....WHO cares????
Really who cares about MY lemons?????? Even if they love me and are my dear friends(many of you are,ya know) but who CARES??????
Why would someone care about my lemons...or the quilt I'm working on...or my kids...or...a million other things I post about.
Naturally the question comes to me,"Well why do I blog,anyway?"
I have a ton of fantastic friends ...I don't think I need to "sell" my image- can't imagine why I would! So why????
I think I post about the struggles as well as the I think I'm pretty realistic...but still the nagging question...WHY???
What does it accomplish?
I don't have the answer but I think in about 30 seconds I'll still push the PUBLISH button and the cycle will continue-
Some kind of duty to update about every 2-3 days- and I have been doing it for 5-6 years- only here for about a year or two but other pages elswhere for over 5 yrs!
And so many others are doing the same thing- it fulfills something in us that needs to connect to someone else- even if only anonymously .
So- here are the lemons I picked - I just thought they were pretty and refreshing and I wish I could draw and paint them- I may try- but here they are on this blog for some unknown reason!!!


Jason The Bald Guy said...

I think your lemons are great!

sometimes we are driven to write.. just because it in our nature to share through writing, sometimes just jotting thoughts other times crafting masterpieces.

Sometimes we are inspired to write and we don't understand it... but someone somewhere was looking for a simple thing... a plate of lemons to remind them of home, of simplicity, of pain rendered as art, as bitterness remembered for its sweetness.

That is why

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How interesting! I find your lemons wonderful. In my part of the world, there are no lemon trees. Just to think that YOU can go outside and pick your own bright yellow lemons from a tree gives me a little thrill and reminds me of all the wonders God has placed on this glorious planet of ours.

Why blog? I wondered that before I wrote my first post and read my first journal post from someone else. But since that time last year, I've been touched, inspired, moved to action and just plain ole' blessed by so many. I've learned new skills and even shared some of my own that I hope have enriched the life of just one other person in the world.

Thats "why" for me.


KKJD1 said...

Well I really enjoy hearing your stories lemons or not. Makes me think of lemonaid. Yum. Anyways hope your Sunday is blessed. Karen

Anonymous said...

I love what you write, and I think your lemons are beautiful. I commented about those lemons to my husband the last time we were at your house. So, I enjoyed seeing them picked and cut open. It made my lips pucker just thinking about how they must taste.

I have asked myself many times why I blog or feel responsible to update. I mean who would want to know what goes on in my world full of kiddos, babies,and pregnancy. Its only those that truly love us I think that care. It makes us(your readers)feel loved, that you have decided to share the things that bring you joy in life. So keep on blogging if for no one else but me.I love feeling as though I am a part of your wonderful life. You have inspired and blessed me far more than I could ever express. You give me hope that I am doing something right with my children. Thank you

Autumn said...

Well I am certainly glad to hear that I'm not the only one trying to figure out why we blog!!!!!

Really- I wasn't "fishing" for compliments - just truly questioning why I do what I do!!!!

A definite sign of aging- mybe even a hint on wisdom??? OH, goody- I hope so!!!