Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the winner is..................

I put all your names in the old crock bowl and got Abby to pick a winner- she was very honored-:)

And this is the name she picked..........;

Her momma won't like those dirty fingernails- we were too busy to notice them. Between watering the seedlings, sweeping the "beach" (the sand by the patio) roasting marshmallows and baking pumpkin spice cookies we just didn't notice. Sorry Bekah!!

CONGRATULATIONS HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the winner!!!


Heather said...

Yes!!!! I can't believe I won. I never win anything. This made my day!!!!

auntbum said...

HA! You are sooo funny!!
I'm glad it made your day- hopefully I will be at Bible study tomorrow to hand deliver it to you! I'm up with a stomach thing tonight-yuck- seems like I ate something that just didn't set right. I just feel really tired and queasy:~

Kim Carroll said...

Dirty fingernails are just a sign of being a tough country girl that had a lot of fun.