Saturday, October 25, 2008


This one was LOOOOOONG overdue!! Mom,the girlz and I had planned lunch together several months ago and each time something interrupted it! It was tempting to just let it go by the wayside and forget it- so many interruptions!!!
Finally- we decided to just do it!!! Forget all the planning- and timing.

We ordered food from our FAVORITE restaraunt-JOE'S- and lounged ourselves in my living room around my BIG coffee table! It was perfect for an Italian meal and cool background music!

Naturally the best part was the company! Abby slurpped s'getti while we laughed ,talked , argued about the cost of eye exams!!!!.....excuse me we DISCUSSED not argued and laughed till we nearly cried!!! We chose spouses for Luke and talked about hair and how to raise kids- and so much more that I cannot divulge!!! BE GLAD !!!!That was, after all, the reason for the party- just to talk and relax and keep ourselves grounded together!! Somehow I missed getting my mom's picture but she was there!
Sometimes a girl just needs to stop and have a girl -party so she can keep going!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good for ya'll. It sounds like a wonderful time. I look forward to these with my girls.


smoothiejuice said...

yum...what fun!