Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a little family news....

Justin has completed ALL his training and is on the streets of Lubbock,Texas, protecting the public.

I know he and Lacey are glad that school is over! He has been in school and training for about 5 years- between preaching school and police academy- and now he is finally free of the study & test cycle!



Please pray for my boy- but you knew that,right???


lacey said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. We are indeed very excited about starting this stage of our life! He had a great first shift last night on his own. Now he is on the roads agian tonight

auntbum said...

So I guess he won't be calling to visit at 11:30 at night any more,huh? :)

Glad he got the shift he wanted.

bekah said...

sweet ride! : )