Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maggie is growing up!!

As you can see she still comes to the porch for a snack and a quick visit from time to time.
She gave us a real scare a day or two ago- she showed up looking quite sick- wobbly and shaky and just generally sick. Luke and I started looking her over for signs of some kind of injury but found nothing. As the evening wore on she became more and more lethargic and we both felt she wouldn't make it through the night.
We put her in her old cage, to protect her from other animals while she was weak. She slept and moved around very little.
Early the next morning as I came downstairs I expected to find her worse , if not dead- but she was climbing and moving around and seemed to have rallied back to life!
Luke and I were both relieved! We still have no idea what happened or why she was so sick but she has been back for several visits since that night.

She sleeps in the laundry room and plays in the woods all day. It's a nice arrangement for all of us!


smoothiejuice said...

look how cute she is