Sunday, October 19, 2008


I am OFFICIALLY not calling him "the baby" any longer! Well, at least not until he's old enough not to care. I can hardly believe it , but he's 15! Last weekend he aced- that's right, 100% - his written driver's Ed test. He'll be on the road this week driving and then I will blink my eyes again and he'll be sitting me down to explain why he will be moving to go to school, or for some job, or worse yet for some young lady that has stolen his heart.  This is one skill that practice is absolutely useless!!!!!! I want to spend these grey-haired days surrounded by them all.

Speaking of being surrounded by them- this weekend was a priceless gift! We all spent Saturday AND Sunday together! We fished,sat around the fire pit and sang, ate chili, grilled cheese sandwiches and marshmallows. We fished,and visited with Paw Paw Jack and played Wii with Luke.

My husband and I agreed that it would be difficult for the days to have been better.             Andrew was the fisherman of the week- he caught 8 catfish and I think they are the biggest we have seen yet! The last one was around 2 1/2 pounds!!!!   He released them- but next year we'll MAKE him keep 'em and clean 'em! Good job,son!!!



Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! We love you. The Millers

kslmyjoy said...

Happy Birthday Luke! From ALL the Guillory's