Monday, October 6, 2008

A giveaway! WOO!HOO!

In honor of our 3000th visitor to this site I think I'll host a giveaway!

Since we are nearing the Thanksgiving time of year and I am so thankful for all my readers and their sweet comments and visits (yes that includes you guys that don't comment)I think I will make the prize a Thanksgiving theme. Here's a teaser- but the surprise itself will have to remain a mystery for a few days yet-  All ya have to do to enter is leave a comment(so I will be able to add your name to the hat) . I will put all the names in a hat...ummm it will be a antique crock bowl actually- and I'll pull out the winner's name at the end of October. Pretty easy,huh?

Just click this topic and add your comment and you'll be entered!!!! Watch the site for the final announcement on exactly what it will be.


Heather said...

I couldn't resist beieng the first to enter. Since "someone" (Beka) thinks I sign up for everything. LOL
I can't wait to see what the see what it is.

Heather said...

Ok, it was 5am, and too early for me to be typing. LOL

Kimberly said...

Me, me, me! Pick me.

I'm not as early as Heather, but I want my name in the charming old crock!


auntbum said...

You girls are FAST!!!! Your name is in the "crock"!!!!

Thanks for beint 2 of my most loyal visitors!!!

Kim Carroll said...

I try to visit every day two or three times(maybe I could get an extra name card, just kidding). I always just can't wait to hear more news about how you guys are doing. Thanks for the hard work you put into it. I'm starting a blog, should be up and running today actually. I'll send you an email later and you can post it on here if you want.

bekah said...

Heather, you are soooo "sign up happy",...chill girl! LOL
Do i count as a visitor???

auntbum said...

Of course you count!!!!
And KIM- Thanks- I will link to you! I am really looking forward to seeing your blog!!!
I guess blogging is the preferred communication of distant family- :( :)

lacey said...

Ooh! Yeah!! I cant wait to see what it is. I dont think I have ever won a drawing, so now i am just content seeing what someone else gets! :)

auntbum said...

Ya never know Lacey- ya might win!!!
I'm designing in my head right now- should be a tangible item sometime this weekend! Check back!

Shannon said...

Hey Autumn put me in I think we have won every other contest you have had why not this one too..

Helen Simon said...

Throw my name in, too, please!
I came to see if you had any of our watercolor class there a hiding place for pix I don't see? We need eye candy, Gal! Love, ♥ Helen

auntbum said...

Your name is in the crock!!!
The pics are on the post labeled SWEET KINDNESS-
The pix are there! Tks friend!

Jessi said...

I can't be the only one to not write in, so I write. I can't believe I let time get away so often. I get sections of your lives in huge chunks because I don't check in like I should. congrats on the well-read site!

auntbum said...

Hey Jesse-
So glad you stopped by!!! I will put your name in the crock.
I am always glad to hear from you- I know how busy you are!!!

Linda Weldon said...

You know girl, I've run so fast the last 23 years, I thought I had already done this.. When I checked the sight this morning, I saw I had not!!!! Quess I forgot to write it down. Put me in, although I don't think I have ever won anything. At my age, well what can I say....Love you Linda

Nancy said...

Can I put my name in the last minute? I am not good at winning things, but here goes.

auntbum said...

Why certainly!!!
I plan on pulling a name out of the crock tomorrow at noon. I think I'll let Abby pick- I believe she'll be here tomorrow.
Thanks all of you who entered!!
Can't wait to see who gets the table runner!!!
There's still time to enter if you haven't already!