Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do YOU see a pattern,here????

OK - I admit it- our Saturday night parties are getting out of hand!!!

I mean look at these faces- they are sooooo serious!!!!

Somehow we have developed the pattern of Saturday night family parties and it looks like we are on a rotation- kinda. This week it was Andrew and Bekah's house- and did we have fun!!!!!
Andrew bought a Wii game system and treated all of us to a FUN night of bowling,boxing,tennis and lots and lots of laughing!!! Oh yeah- we had mexican food too. MMMM!

This is a balance test- just the thing for a guy who has severe VERtIgO!!!!!!!!!! Notice his helpers
As if we hadn't already had enough fun for the weekend there was more to come!!!!!!

We had friends over after church and spent the entire day enjoying a wonderful visit, great lunch and adorable kiddos!!!!