Thursday, September 11, 2008

A weekend ritual!!!!

Here we go again!!!! Seems like we have been on call forever...and always on the weekend.
Ike seems to be aiming at the south Texas coast but there's no way we're takin' our eyes off of him- too much chance for change in our direction.Everyone I know is TIRED of evacuations,boarded windows and bare refrigerators! Ya don't want all that good food wasting if we lose power- so we live day by day ...waiting....and watching.....


Meanwhile- life goes on- Dizzy as it may be-

We've spent some time in Dr.'s offices lately trying to get some direction for how to manage vertigo.

It is so maddening- one day Bub feels fine and then ,usually at night, he gets really dizzy and nauseated. The meds they gave him make him so drowsy- well- let's face it- it's not drowsy- it's comatose!!!!! He sure can't drive or work with either of those symptoms!
He's missed about a week at work and it's driving him crazy! He really wants to get back to work.
I guess there is such a thing as too much vacation!!!! :)


Nancy Jo said...

So sorry to hear that your husband hasn't been feeling well. Its not easy for men to be home and its not easy for us to have them at home. I know because Richard fell at work and has to have shoulder surgery tomorrow, then several weeks, maybe until the first of the year before going back to work. yippess!!!! He is already bored and wants to work. So lets hope everything gets back to normal for all of us REAL SOON.
love the pictures of your house, everything looks perfect. I bet the black ceiling looks great. I like wall paper on ceilings too, you know those rooms that have the slanted ceilings, those are my favoite ones to wallpaper. Anyway I love your house.