Friday, September 12, 2008

Kalleigh arrives and Ike is moving in

We have found ourselves waiting alot today so we did the only thing you can do-made Gumbo,had all the kids and Mom over played games,watched the weather channel and followed Gabe's Blog about Kalleigh-

I fell asleep around midnight and she didn't make her appearance until 2 am or so. I am trying to post a picture here but can't for some reason-so go check out the blog to see her-she is beautiful!!!!

Poor Kim had a rough go of it- ended up with a c-section after 12-14 hours of tormenting labor. The baby just wouldn't move down . Please pray for her- she must be worn out today.

I am so glad Gabe did the blog- well ,at first I wasn't because I just sat and cried- I wanted to be there so badly. Then as the night wore on it was comforting to be able to watch as things progressed-moment by moment.

It was kinda like being in the hallway-except I couldn't snuggle with my bigger babies any. That is the hardest part-and those of you here now know why I don't talk  much about missing them  - my heart nearly breaks if I allow myself to think or talk about it much. So I happily exist in my own little world of denial.

There the truth is out-I am a crybaby about missing my kids and grandkids. Talking about it doesn't help and so I clam up and talk about everything else.

Speaking of everything else-how about this storm  IKE??? Lots of us are staying this time-there should be some stories to tell - once we get past it!! Keep your cameras charged and ready- ya never know what kind of stuff we'll be watching-likely in horror - so keep em handy!!!!

I'll check in later today with some baby pics if I can figure out how to get em to post.


Heather said...

Another beautiful grand baby!! Congrats!!!

Kim Carroll said...


auntbum said...

YIKES!!!!!! :) Don't mess with a woman about how long labor is-
Sorry Kimberly. :)

Kim Carroll said...

I didn't mean it to sound like that, sorry if it came across rude. I am a little (okay a lot) tired. I love you.

auntbum said...

Sweetie it wasn't rude- you have every reason to be tired.
I am just so glad that all is well.
You don't worry about offending me- I know you have your hands full.I only wish we were closer so we could be some kind of help. I love you too!

Bekah said...

get it right mom...she gets credit for every last second of that labor LOL : ) XOXOXO

auntbum said...

I know! I know!
My bad- I lost track of time and anyway I thought 12-14 hours was pretty long. :)