Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soft seating.

I got lots done today!!!I keep having these little ideas for touches of color and fabrics I want to see in my new dining room and until today that's all they were.

Today I had a long space of quiet and a clean house so I got to put some of those ideas to work.

I made a couple of cushions for the dining room chairs- yes I know they dont match- that's part of my style! :)

I also got to make a little cushion for my antique high chair.

And finally I made a "grungy" ruffled pillow for the hall tree door.

They all turned out great!
Now I have to try to imagine what to put on the windows- the ideas are all still swimming around my head.

Stay tuned!!!


pumpkin seed said...

WOW! The things you can do when you dont have me and Sarah in your back pockets all day long! Seems like all of us had a pretty "fruitful" day :) I love the pillows! Esspecially the high chair one! CuTe!

Autumn said...

Thanks! I love getting some of the stuff out of my head!!!!