Sunday, August 10, 2008

Digital Inspiration??

O.K.- I admit it! I "saw this on a cooking show"!!!

You all know that I struggle to find meals I ENJOY cooking so recently I turned on the food network to look for inspiration. That's right- digital inspiration. :0 

I guess struggling with my weight also makes it hard to really "get into" cooking. This looked so yummy when the lady on tv fixed it that I thought it would be a good place to start.

It's a Caesar's Salad Sandwich-here's the ingredients!

Loaf of pretty bread(Pumpernickle Rye for mine)

Baked chicken breast (bake with skin and bone- put chunks of this on the sandwich as the last step)

several slices of Pancetta- fried(Italian type of bacon)

regular greens.. lettuce,peppers,pickles,olives & tomatoes

sliced Parmesan- or whatever you like- I used swiss cause I can hardly stand Parmesan :)

mayo & spicy mustard

It was so easy and really pretty! I felt better about a sandwich with this much to it! Add chips and it's a great meal- in a hurry!


Bekah said...

Now you know why I like to stay till dinner time : )