Friday, August 22, 2008

Beauty and the Beast!!!

Summer has certainly provided it's share of wonders this year. The lush blooms have dazzeled us all this year- but this is the first "beast" that has ventured so near the house. It was just a water snake but it sure freaked out my big dog! He guarded the nasty snake till Bub got out there to see what the fuss was about. Charlie was very proud of himself.:) Especially when the snake was dead- they still creep me out. I guess I'll never get used to them! :0


Kim Carroll said...

Is that Bub wearing the fashionable blue crocs?

auntbum said...

It sure is!!! And we have given him an appropriatly hard time about it too!!!

Bekah said...

Gun Safety!!!!! Look where the gun is pointed.....We don't want him to mess up his crocs.

Very worried,

auntbum said...

WAA HAA HAA HAAA! :) Very observant Andrew- POINT well taken- Can't wait till Pop reads this!!!!!!
But wait a sec maybe he was CROC hunting!!!!
Ok Ok - I'll stop!