Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're STILL havin' fun!!!!!!!

Any guesses what the topic for today was????????????????????

Yep- the FLOOD!  Even our snacks are cool- I mean really cool!!! I wish I had gotten pictures of the crafts- they are too cool!


Kim Carroll said...

What exactly is it?

auntbum said...

This snack was on the day we talked about the flood.

This is Blue jello with gummy fish. Also a sugar wafer cookie on top( the ark) . Isn't it cute??????
Of course the whipped topping is foam from the waves!!!!!!!!!!

Bekah said...

Heather is making the cutest snacks for VBS! They are so detailed....and I think she manages to do them all with Grace hangin' on to her the whole time : )

Kim Carroll said...

That's really cute and yummy sounding.