Friday, July 18, 2008

A homemade cure for morning sickness...:)

Well, it doesn't really cure that yucky feeling but it helps a far away mom feel better!!!

I whipped up this little hug-pillow for Sara and had all her

"other-mothers" sign in with their advice or sayings to comfort my girl who is too far away to hug !

Bekah and I also sent some snack goodies and other stuff- go hop over to Bekah's blog to see how creative and funny she is! She packs a great "feel better basket"!!!


Beverly said...

Howdy Autumn...thought I would check in on you. Such a sweet thing you whipped up there...a real treasure for Sara!! Hope all is good with you. Hope Bekkah is doing well, now. Things are so busy here...haven't had much time to check in on I am reading blogs instead!! Hope your summer has slowed down a bit.
Hugs to you!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Autumn, that's real cute. So I see you are sewing a bit..that's good too. :o)

Autumn said...

Thanks for stopping by- I miss you two!!!!
Bev- I know you are gonna be busy with the big renovation soon - better sew while ya can!!!

Steph- have you gotten lost in the wonderful yarns you're unpacking????
I am sewing a little here and there- just nothing too big or involved. Feels good!