Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spread your wings........

I've been thinking  about my adult kids a lot lately.  Those that are away I miss- and those that are here are becoming my "circle of friends". Very different relationships but all raised the same way.Someone in town was asking Luke about his brothers and sisters and wanted to know why some had moved away. His answer was- "I have no idea". I started thinking about it and that's about the best answer I could come up with too.  

                      "There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots and the other is wings"  - Hodding Carter

I guess I focused on the roots so much that I forgot about the wings. I thought we'd all stay close together and watch the family grow day by day- but it hasn't happened. I longed so for roots when I was growing up- oh I had good parents, but I wanted that "Ozzie & Harriet" kinda house. I wanted to live someplace long enough to have real memories about it. But ours was an adventurous family and we moved fairly often until I was in the 7th grade.

Naturally when my own children came along I wanted them to have what I had always wanted- roots!!!But just as I had wanted the opposite of my own childhood for my children some of mine have wanted just the opposite- wings.

I've spent many days wishing somehow we could all be close together, but time has set so many things into motion that likely won't change. Those that are away are not coming back-except to visit- and hopefully those that are still here I can savor for a few more years before things change again.

We certainly do look at things differently on this side of "the hill" - you know over the hill and on the downhill slide!!!There simply isn't enough time to do all that should be done- and I don't mean WORK! I'm talking about the important things like fishing ,talking,picking flowers playing in the yard- the things you miss so much once those little ones sprout their wings!


Bekah said...

yeah, well, I have roots and they go VERY deep. I'ma member of the redneck Yatch CLub for life! I ain't goin' nowhere! Now quit cryin' about those boys.

auntbum said...

I'm not cryin' - I just hate to think of you having to hold down the fort alone so much of the time!
Seems like we spend lots of time juggling which of the elderly we attend to and I know how hard that is with a baby- shoot- it's hard and I don't have a baby!!!!:)

Also I hate that Abby can't truly know or enjoy her cousins-and neither can they know or enjoy her- now that makes me sad.

Speakin of yachts how is Andrew's yacht comin along?
I don't think I ever put the picture of it on here- I'll get it on today if I can- forgot all about it!!!:0