Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bag lady...

I promised Abby I'd have a bag of goodies for her at church tomorrow so I had to get busy and make it! If you know Abigail you know she doesn't forget ANYTHING!!! You dont slide anything by that girl. I'm calling it the "Granny Bag"- it's full of quiet things for church and it only gets opened at church. Let's see there's a lacing board,crayons,peek-a-boo bag, some stickers ..hmmm I guess that's all I could get my hands on tonight. I'm certain we'll be adding to it.

This is the first bag I've ever made- I had to learn how since my purse-maker grew up and got married!!!!


Heather said...

That bag is sooo cute. I think I need a church bag for Faith and maybe Luke. I rember as a little girl my aunt did kinda the same thing( she didn't make the bag itself) She filled it with all kinds of neat things. I loved going to church with her. She would put baggies of plain cherios for us to snack on. Hope you don't mind if I copy you?

auntbum said...

I don't mind a bit! I have the pattern if ya need it. Very simple- proof of that is that I did it!!!!

Abby didn't even take a peek- she sat with her daddy- but that's even better! She was a pretty good girl,too.