Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS is moving along well......

A great big thank you to all the ladies that have been working on VBS ! Things are going so smoothly-honestly they are!!!

God has answered so many prayers!

Back 2-3 years ago I began praying about this group of ladies doing  VBS and here we are getting ready!!

At that time there wasn't really a curriculum that "fit" us- this year Answers in Genesis produced and sold-for the first time ever- a Creation Evangelism VBS curriculum!!! Another answer to prayer!

This type of evangelism fits our diverse group so well.

Here's a peek at the progress- these are stones for the kids to build the " tower of Babel"- as they learn where different people groups came from.


kslmyjoy said...

Those are some good looking bricks. Last night we read the play again, and we are sooo excited. This is so much FUN!!!!