Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our family is multiplying...again!!

It's official- Sara & Christopher are going to be parents sometime in early March!

We could not be more pleased!!! My how quickly life speeds along- Lord willing we will be grandparents to 10 precious children by early next year!!! Getting old?????

That's OK - getting old means I have lived alot of life, sat under a thousand sunny skies, heard innumerable bird songs, seen hundreds of buds blossom into bloom, watched too many clouds to count , watched life enter this world and even witnessed it leave; I have snuggled babies ,trained puppies,played hide n seek,and sand castles; picked blackberries,walked down long lonely roads, eaten snow cones ,played softball,   sat in hospitals and funeral homes; I have done so many things that have made up this "OLD" woman you may know now- but all of these things are only a part of who I am-just like the "OLD"  part. I'm all the things in between these and more- or less. :) Just like YOU!!! 

I'm not at all sure YOUTH is all it's cracked up to be- cause I'm having the time of my life- right now!!!!!!


Heather said...

Congrats to the happy couple!!! I agree youth is not all it is cracked up to be. I am not "old" however I wouldn't want to go back. The key is to enjoy life right were you are at.

Helen Simon said...

I'm so happy with y'all, Autumn. God has richly blessed you by allowing you to obey his first garden commandment to be fruitful and mulitply, bless His Holy Name. XXOOXX ♥ Love, Helen

Kim Carroll said...

Life is so beautiful.
I couldn't be happier for Sara and Chris. Missing you all as usual.
Tons of Love, K.C.

Lacey said...

Yeah for them and Us! I am so excited to have a new precious one in our family. Cant wait to see the first picture of her growing tummy!
Love you