Saturday, June 28, 2008

The SMELLS...of summer..

Sometimes we move so quickly from place to place and event to event that we miss the best things!!!!! A week or so ago my hubby took me on a country cruise to put miles on the bike(breaking it in).

He has to drive relatively slow(under 50mph) until he has about 500 miles logged in- so we stayed on the backroads.

What an unexpected treat!!!

As we cruised along on Navajo Trail I started noticing all the different smells along the road- some pleasant and some NOT!!!
Road-kill Armadillo- fresh cut grass-cow patty-muddy road-hot pavement-honeysuckle-
diesel tractor -bar-b-que- ........ so many smells that I realized I hadn't smelled in some time. You miss all of them in the car- unless they are very strong- and oh how much we miss by "getting there faster"!!!

Sometimes I wish I travelled in a buggy so I could see and smell EVERYTHING!!!!

For now, I guess I'll just enjoy the smells from my cruise seat on the motorcycle!
Stop and smell SUMMER.... if you get the chance!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! It's been a lot of years since this ole girl was on a motorcycle. I will try to make sure I take your advice this summer... but probably not on a motorcycle. Enjoy your rides!