Saturday, May 24, 2008

A weight gain we're happy about!

Look how much our fish have grown!!! We bought them in March ,as fingerlings, and just last week my hubby caught this one so we could actually SEE the weight gain.

They eat ferociously every day but the pond in still not clear enough to see them in the water.

Of course we returned him to grow up a bit- but it won't be long till he's a keeper!

The perfect spot for R&R!! If you can believe it- this umbrella is the same one I sat under as a kid in North Texas at my grandma's house!!! It is only ONE of the many treasures I returned home with! The table and umbrella are at least 45 years old- I have pictures of me with my family cooking out when I was no more than 4-5 years old! Isn't that crazy!!!?


Anonymous said...

That's the prettiest patio umbrella I've ever seen! I would consider it treasure, too. What a wonderful heirloom.