Friday, May 23, 2008

Just a peek into my past!!!!

All 3 of these were taken last week at the store where my grandfather worked after WWI until his death in 1985! What a treat to step back and remember all the time I spent in this old store.

It was a lifetime ago but I remember it as if it were yesterday! The smell of juicy fruit gum brings me right back to this store every time. He always gave me a pack of JF before I left.

Yes- ladies that thread is old!! And in the very box it was

sold from I'm guessing in the 20's & 30's .

I even have a pair of old button up leather shoes with really pointed toes from the store.

Not hard to figure out why I like old stuff so much, huh?


nitegardener said...

Hey Autumn Girl!!!

Glad you Found Me!!!!
Yes.. I was Pushed.. Someone had to be Last.. I reckon it was Me!
Don't be afraid Of Dee.. she has a Sweet Side.. she just hides it VERY well.. I think she has to from a very sad past..(Story there I'm sure..probably something to do with that nasty bruise on her forehead!)SHE was actually a Mother's Day Gift from My Daughter.. So.. Ta Da! I have to incorporate her Some how into the Mix of things! Anyway.. Bev Say's there's a Dark Side & a Sweet Side to me..Says I Need 2 Blogs.. & Jess Describes me as a Toasted Marshmallow.. Crispy on the outside.. & Sweet & gooey on the Inside! Maybe they are on to something!
Oh well .. I'm tying up too much space here! Just wanted to say Hi!!
Love ya Girl!!