Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy with rescue operations!!!!!!

My husband shares my affinity for rescuing cast off items - well at least architectural types.

Yesterday he mentioned seeing some concrete pillars dumped in a ditch not far from our place. He wondered where or how we could use them. Before I knew it we had a mission- rescue the old columns - and they were heavy!!!!! There were 4 or 5 but we only got 2. It was an act of pyramid proportions to get them loaded and back to our place, but as you can see they now adorn the deck.

We're looking for palms to add but not finding the right thing so far.

You may be asking yourself,"What is the goal here- why do they keep doing stuff with the pond"- well if you hear yourself answer please pass it on- we'd like to know.

The best we can figure it's a hobby.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Those columns look like they have been there for years ... and there they were just waiting for you in that ditch. Perfect!


Autumn said...

HA! Thanks Lea- are you a "treasure hunter" too?
I used to love finding a bargain at a garage sale but now the big challenge is to find it - at NO cost and then use it. Can that be a hobby?? Crazy!