Friday, January 11, 2008

The DRESS....

The dress is a story by itself.... this picture is actually not the finished dress- it's not finished yet.

Let me start over- Sara-the bride- has been drawing her wedding dress since she could

hold a pencil.

When the time came to actually select a gown she knew what she wanted and she knew daddy didn't have a lot of money to buy the "ONE" she must have.

She would make it herself(with some help from her grandmother,sister and me).

As we started looking for fabric there was nothing local to choose from. She had designed a pattern,fitted it to herself and now here we were on the easy part-we thought- and we were stuck!!

I searched online for fabric and looked at dresses for fabric types and to understand how each one draped and looked. During one of the searches I saved a picture of one on Ebay to show her.

When I clicked on it to show her she was ecstatic! She screamed,"Stop! Wait one second- I have to get something!"

She showed up a minute later with an exact drawing of the dress on my screen.

To make a long story short we bid on the dress- realizing that the skirt was done and we could re-fit and make the top more like she wanted.(This one was strapless)

So we bid...and we waited.......and we won the dress......for.........(here's the good part).......$10.00!

Only the top is being re-made. The dress is called a Scarlett O'Hara and looks to be made around the 50's. It is simply lovely and very fairy-ish.

I will post a picture of the dress again with the new top. Hopefully on the little bride. you know about the dress.


smoothiejuice said...

great dress story...cannot wait to see the finished product. That is how it goes when you are dress..least amount of dough. show us the finished product...i am so curious!!!

Beverly said...

Wow, Autumn....what a great dress and an even better story behind it. How special this will be when finished....what an amazing family you have! And fairies to go with that dress???? Beautiful!!!!!

. said...

Autumn, What an amazing story. It's proof that you really can manifest all that is wanted and needed!

Can't wait to see the redesign for the bodice.