Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well,here's a glimpse of the "fairy" dresses for the little girls-(10 of them!!)- in the wedding.
The girls will have white knee length leggings and leotard tops with the fairy skirts.I think they are to be barefoot since we will be outside.

We have some embellishment yet to go but the hard part of design is done-
I have two very talented daughters that are doing the hard work to make this wedding wonderful!!!


Beverly said...

Autumn....thanks for sharing with us!! It will be such fun to follow along with all of the plans and preparations. Eventually I will also be going down this wedding road. We are hoping for an old fashioned farm wedding next year! Keep writing....and we will keep reading!!!

smoothiejuice said...

omg...such a great idea will be so magical, headresses will be in order. i love it!!

. said...

Oh the fairy outfit is too cute! You are full steam ahead..can't wait to see more!!


Autumn said...

Thanks for stopping by girls! It's so much fun to share the little details right now-thanks for being so enthusiastic!

Bonne said...

Yea!!! Love to see all the happenings! The fairie theme is going to be awesome.
Autumn, you are beautiful!! hugs, B

Sheryl-lyn said...

This is such a great idea for a wedding theme. I cannot wait to see how it rolls along. Gorgeous!

nashbabe said...