Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My HAPPY thought!

As I think about the past few months I wonder how on earth this man could still put up with me!!!
He has been a prince-truly!!! Always looking for ways to make life better for ME-not just providing but going the extra mile by making things easy when he can tell I'm edgy and need a break and don't know how to find it!!!
We have enjoyed so much the time we have had together in these months of change.

It's quite an adventure to transition from homeschooling for 30 years to ....well ..to what we do now-
I think that what we do now, most folks normally do-go out to eat-have lunch with friends-work-and mostly anything else we want to do.
No more rigid schedule,lesson plans and constant learning for me.

I take that back-I am learning every single day how to NOT homeschool,lesson plan and .....you get the idea.It has so far been far more challenging than I had ever dreamed!

God has been more than gracious to me in allowing me to educate my kids, giving me a husband that adores me and a place to enjoy many more blessings than I could ever number!!!!

I think the hardest part of this adjustment may be over-I do feel much more normal-whatever that is!!!!
Stay tuned and we"ll both find out!!!!(Not about normal-just whether the worst of it is over!!!) :)


jeannie said...

30 years of homeschooling.....wow! You deserve the break, although I totally understand how you feel.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Autumn,

Wanted to drop in and say a big HELLO! :0) Glad to hear you've retired from homeschooling...and finding YOU and what makes life a happy place to be.

Drop by sometime!

Hugs to you,
Stephanie ♥

Justin The Bald Guy said...

Were it a pebble in my shoe, there by accident, I may perhaps take issue, and off it would be sent, But if it were a diamond, that I with purpose stowed, Id happ'ly take a blister, as I walked along the road.