Monday, July 26, 2010

Room with a View?

I've been busy with lots of things so I have really fallen behind in blogging-pictures are not as numerous and motivation to share all the busy-ness is just very low.

Im gonna assume it's a season and I'll get back to busily posting.

I did however work on a fun project for my living room wall-actually, Ive been working on it for months now-in my mind! :)

I have had a wool applique quilt over my loveseat for over 5 years now-thats a little too long for me-but I finally found the right thing to replace it!

What do you think?

I just love it!!!! The wall finally looks balanced without being cluttery.

I also worked on some cute throw pillows-I love em!!!! Too bad I didn't do them for myself!!!

I took them to the store to get some feedback on em.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Autumn,

I spied a few old window frames at the recycle....was walking towards them {fast}. :0)

The guy that runs it had already claimed I was turning around to walk back to my car when I caught in the corner of my eye an old chippy tricycle. I grabbed it and didn't turn around..LOL

I was afraid the guy would tell me it was taken too. What a great job this guy has...he gets dibs on everything before anyone else. But I still look hoping for treasures that he finds useless. :0)

Your wall looks great. I really really love it. I'm covering my great room walls at the 10 foot level with mirrors and old frames as I find them which isn't so easy these days due to them being so popular.

I've also seen the chippy picture frames hung in windows. That looks good too.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Autumn said...

Hey girl!
I miss you!!! Im not staying in touch well-sorry!

My original plan included mirrors -old beveled edge ones-and I have a few-BUT the opposite wall is a west wall and the mirrors + big window creates an unbearable glare and ruins the idea.:(
I do plan to use some chippy old shutters at some point-hope its not 5 yrs from now!!!!
Tks for atopping by!!!


Beverly said...

Hey there,
I love the window frames!! And the pillows are sweet.

Well, life is settling down just a bit, finally. The garden is exploding...soon time to put up tomatoes. Tyler grows a little each day....such wonderful sweetness. I am loving being a Grammie...and I know it only gets better.

Life is good,
Hugs to you,

Dawn Dutton said...

HI there Autumn, Very nice. I enjoyed seeing your idea... makes me ponder my own rooms.... thanks, Dawn

Gwen Kelley said...

That looks great! Do you have to sell all the pillows? One day you need to stop by and see the mirror that barry bought me from 81. It looks good in the spot that I had planned for it.