Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A PINK pony!!!!

Who knew they still had these funny horses for kids to ride???? I hadn’t seen one in years until last week when Abby insisted there was a “real pink” horse at Walmart. I nodded,playing along, but she could see right through it. When we walked in the door,she insisted on showing it to me-who knew!!!!

I agreed,as is written in the

 ethics code for all mothers

that she could ride it,if “she was a good girl in the store” that is the rule, right mothers everywhere??????

june stuff 002

As you can see- she was a good girl and rode the pink pony!!!!How fun to watch her enjoy it so much!

Since I’m stuck on the couch with a sinus infection, I figured I could catch you up on my latest junk finds!!!

My hardworkin man and I got out on Saturday morning and went to a few Garage Sales-and Lo and behold we stumbled onto a wonderful going out of business sale. I had heard about it but really hadn’t thought of going-you know, Im cleaning out things-so it seemed counter-productive.

june stuff 004

To make a long story short-we went! And look at the loot!!!Porcelain signs,vintage sheet music,printers trays,a wool stripping tool,some wonderful old rusty collanders, and theres more- but it’s upstairs and I can’t get myself up there now.Most items were under $2. –I’m not joking!!!I asked the dealer if it hurt-he said-“Nah! It’s ok.”

I’m not sure what this tool is-but my man is using it for jewelry work somehow.

june stuff 009

This is just the end of an old box-but I love it!!!!

june stuff 007

The wool stripper-

  june stuff 008

We had such fun- and got some very cool stuff-

Now back to cleaning out!!!!! You know, sometimes getting new junk makes you clear out some of the old junk-so stay tuned and see how that works out!!!!